Getting to Know Me.

Just like everyone, I have a story. And it’s time to share mine.

I am a mother, former educator, and I AM a writer. I had to put that in caps partly to remind myself that word is now a part of my identity. Wow! It’s been a long time coming.

I am a product of my environment. Ever hear of Balch Springs, Texas? No? Well, I’m the Balch Springs Queen. I’ve lived in this little shit hold just outside of Dallas for all of my 46 years. It’s full of low-class, rednecks and dope-heads. I learned early on it’s better to laugh at the mess than to cry because of it, so thank you, Balch Springs, for shaping my wit and sarcasm. Honestly, I talk lots of mad shit about this place, but it’s my home, and I’m proud to be from here (and still be alive 🙂 ).

My love of writing started about the time I was in middle school. My mom helped me with an essay, and I was completely amazed by her ability to take simple words and weave them into pictures. If she could do it, I could too. Spark lit.

I took my love of writing and reading, and I turned them into a career. I majored in English Lit, and I started teaching at the high school from where I graduated.

From there, I just sort of fell into a position at a campus in the same district made up of 100% at-risk students. Oh, you worked with the “bad kids,” you might say. Some of them were AWFUL! But EVERYONE of them was special to me. I was so blessed to witness kids who never imagined they’d graduate from high school go on to do AMAZING thing with their lives.

I will go into LOTS of further detail about all of these things. I have so many funny, heartwarming, and tragic tales to tell. I will miss the bonds I made with my students each year, but I am ready for this next phase.

Writing has always been my calling. With close to 30 years of experience in academia, it’s time for me to shed the confines of such writing and let my personality and creativity shine through.

I invite you to open up to me as I open up to you. I absolutely love to interact with people and offer my advice. I AM southern, after all! I don’t just want you to be one of my followers. I want you to be my companion. The journey is always more fun when you have someone to visit with along the way.

So, hop on in, and let’s get going. We have a long way to go, but we’re gonna have a good time getting there.

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