Before we dive into this edition, let me give you some context.

I am freelancing on Upwork. It’s been an interesting job, and no two days are the same. Well, last night took my hopes, dreams, and expectations for what I thought fun writing could be, and blew them right on out of the water!!! What you are about to partake in is a blog post I wrote for the product Fresh Peaches on Y’all go and support this small business. The owner, Shawn, is GREAT! He turned me loose on this piece and let me run. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Fresh Peaches: Now You Can Go At Home Or On-the-Go!

Let’s face it, folks, there is nothing better than a good poop after a long day.  It’s your bowels way of telling you, “Good job, Bud.  You made it.  Now let’s flush you out so you can start tomorrow anew.”  And that evening’s poo is topped off by the clean feeling you get from using Fresh Peaches, the alternative to flushable wipes.  With Fresh Peaches, dingleberries and skid marks are a thing of your past.  Just a dime-size dab of FP on your TP will make your BH feel like you just got out of the shower. Then, finally, you are ready to head to bed and sleep like a baby.

Now, picture this: It’s 2:00 on Taco Tuesday.  Your tummy is torn up.  You knew better, but you did it anyway.  You sit at your desk, and you silently pray to the porcelain god to have mercy.  Then your stomach starts to sound like the sinking of the Titanic, and you know it’s all over but the crying.  

Not only are you baking a pie that is about to smell up the entire building, but the last time you were left with no other alternative than using the public pot, as you went to wipe your bobo, your overly-eager finger poked through the paper; talk about a shocker!  

Well, not this time!  You are prepared to poop any place because you have packed the FP Pocket in your pants.  With the Fresh Peach Pocket, you relax those sphincter muscles at will because you are ready to wipe away whatever that torn-up taco trash tosses your way.  The FP Pocket’s sleek design fits discreetly in your purse or your pants, making it the perfect partner for you to take to potties everywhere. 

While you are doing no one in your office a favor right now with the funky fragrance you’re flailing out of your fartbox, you are being friendly to the environment by using Fresh Peaches.  Flushable wipes, though they promise and deliver a pristine hiney, they muck up the environment worse than your mess is mucking up the pipes.  Using Fresh Peaches Pocket at work or play will not only make you feel great because your butt will be so fresh and so clean, clean, you’ll also feel great because you’re going green, and we’re not talking about your poop!  

Yes, you’re going to leave the bathroom, and your co-workers will be expecting you to start on the walk of shame back to your desk.  But not you.  You are walking with your head held high and your hiney swaying from side to side because you feel are feeling nothing but right—empty bowls.  Your butt feels beautiful thanks to your Fresh Peach Pocket, the alternative to wet wipes.  No, there is no shame in your game—just a fine feeling fanny on your fender.  


2 thoughts on “Fresh Peaches

  1. rwfrohlich says:

    You had way too much fun writing that promo! Definitely a niche market.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. snyderwriter says:

      Oh, isn’t though?? Yes, I had THE best time. I laughed and laughed while I was writing it. It was just good silly fun!


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